Leo's Fortune Review
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Leo's Fortune Review

Leo’s Fortune is missing! The thief has dropped pieces of gold along his way and Leo sets off to recover his loot and be home by dinner!

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by on 05-14-2014

Leo’s Fortune is an amazingly detailed adventure game that is tons of fun. Leopold, also known as Leopold the Fortunate and Leopold the Great Inventor, has a love of all things that tick. His inventions have made him well-loved and quite wealthy. 

Leos Fortune TItle

One day, Leo returns home to find all of his gold pieces have been stolen! He leaves a note for his wife Mathilde that he is setting off to find his missing gold and will be back in time for dinner.

Leos Fortune Grassy Hills

I’m not one to pay for apps often, and virtually never for a game. There are so many free to play, why would I shell out 5 bucks? One look at Leo’s Fortune and the difference is clear.

The graphics are absolutely stunning and well worth the cost alone. In addition to the beautiful scenery in Leo’s Fortune, the background music and sounds are actually enjoyable. The music blends effortlessly into the game, so I barely even notice it. Leo makes a sad grunting noise when you lose a life but he cheers you on when you make it through a tough spot as well.

Leos Fortune Ball And Chain

Leo, the adorable little green ball of fur complete with mustache and googly eyes, is dismayed to find his fortune gone and his reputation tarnished. You can’t help but want to find all of his gold for him!

The gameplay reminds me somewhat of the original Sonic games – running through scenes and collecting gold coins while avoiding traps that will cost you your life. You can choose to use touch controls or on-screen controls. My eye-hand coordination leaves something to be desired, so I was much better playing with the on-screen controls. 

In fact, when I try to use the touch controls, and repeatedly die, Leo’s Fortune prompts me to switch to on-screen controls. Smart game! The controls are very simple – move left and right, inflate to go up and jumping motion to move objects down.

The first level is easy and will build your confidence on how to move through the scenes. As you advance through the game, the scenes will contain more traps and hazards to avoid. On the bright side – there is no limit to lives; you can kill yourself as many times as it takes to make it through the level. The object is to collect all the coins in as little time as possible with as few fatalities as possible. But really, even a klutz like me can make it through eventually!

Leos Fortune Cave

The gameplay in Leo’s Fortune is fun and addicting – challenging enough to push you to advance without driving you mad. There are no special power-ups or extra levels to be purchased in cash so once you invest in the game, it’s yours to enjoy all the way through.

I can skip back and forth from my iPad to my iPhone and save all of my progress, which lets me play anywhere. The downside to playing on the iPhone is the smaller screen makes it challenging to see where you are going at times. I’ve jumped off a few ledges thinking I was going in the right direction!

I enjoyed Leo’s Fortune so much that I have definitely changed my cheapskate stance on purchasing games!

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